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PLEASE NOTE: The use of BeastWatch UK's Database has recently been changed,  if you should require any information from our database, then please contact us below ...

We would ask you also to please consider the time and effort put into the construction of this database and although not compulsory hope you will offer a reasonable donation towards our cause.

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A reasonable donation may range from 1p - 10p per full report (everything we have collated) or any other amount you feel you can afford.

Please note however that BeastWatch UK does not claim copyright on any newpaper report and the donation is to cover the filterisation of the reports and NOT the reports themselves, which are individuallly copyrighted by each respective owner.

Thank you.

Mr. C. Mullins
Founder & Co-ordinator
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Certain information within these pages belongs to their respective owners, i.e reports etc and is not necessarily the full works of BeastWatch UK.


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