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I began this website as a matter of curious interest as to just what is out there, and it's now grown far beyond what I could have possibly imagined it to be.

Since beginning BeastWatch UK back in 2001, I've received or obtained reports myself from a Chinchilla in a Postbox, to Piranha in the Thames .... And more ....
Hopefully there's something to appeal to almost everyone on here, and if you have any ideas which may help us improve on our site then please don't be shy, "speak out" or better still help!

I'd like to thank all those people who have helped us so far, both members and witnesses by contributing to this site with their reports and stories of interest without whom BeastWatch UK may not have been possible.

If you find any reports yourself you think may be of relevance to us, then please send them in, or if you'd like to become more involved then we're always looking for volunteers to work as active members in all areas as and when reports come in, so please feel free to offer as much or as little support as you wish.



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Thank you

Chris Mullins
BeastWatch UK

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On 26th July 2013, due to suffering with a sudden onset of spinal issues, I couldn't bare to see my friend in pain any longer, so his life was extinguished on that Friday afternoon at approx 18.00hrs, he fell peacefully into his final sleep, but I look forwards to meeting my best friend again on the other side.

ZAK, 2001-2013

R.I.P. My Friend


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