What to look out for; We've received many reports of Scorpions and other toxic Arachnids found if fruit purchased in a supermarket, Bananas, Grapes ven Kiwi Fruit, so if you're looking to buy some fruit, check if first, look for a dark shape that may not be a part of the intended purchase, if you do spot something, alert a member of staff, and don't forget to quickly take a photo of it with your mobile and send it in to us, preferably with some proof it was taken in that store, such as wide angle shot with the supermarket sign in the background as well as the close up.

If you've already purchased the fruit and don't discover your new arachnid friend until you get home, try to contain it, put a glass over the top of it and find something hard/stiff like card to slide underneath to move it to another container.

Keep all receipts as this is proof you bought the item from that store, contact the store as well as someone else, as the store will obviously try to hush things up, so you will need proof, so a local newspaper may be interested, if you don't wish to talk to the paper, call us and we can try and make arrangements on your behalf.

They say the potency of a Scorpions toxin can be measured by the size of its pincers, compared to the thickness of its tail. Large pincers and thin tail is weaker toxin and small pincers with a thick tail is a much stronger toxin level, how true this is I'm not to sure, but it seems a fairly good but rough guideline to follow.

The main Scorpion you're most likely to encounter on or British Isles is the Yellow Tailed Scorpion, these are usually found down south, but sightings have occurred in other parts of the UK too, the toxin level from these Arachnids is quite low, and I've been told equivalent to a bee sting.

What to Do;

  • When shopping for fruit in a supermarket, or even on the market itself,lookout for any arachnid lodging itself in the fruit stems, if it moves, it isn't fruit
  • If you feel there's any cause for concern regards a Scorpion on yourpremises, a Scorpion will flores (glow) under an ultra-violet light source especially in the dark, check any footwear or clothing before putting them on
  • Take a picture and alert staff of your find, or if at home contain the creature under a glass or other, for identification purposes

Remember, not all Arachnids are dangerous, and some may even be protected, but with common sense and a calm mind, almost any situation may be resolved.

FIRST AID; Video-link

Identification Guide;

There are some 1520 different Species of Scorpion, so I'm only going to deal with the most likely candidates that you may happen across in the UK.


Yellow Tailed Scorpion;


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