Volunteering for us

We are a national company & it is our aim to be able to provide a response to any area of the UK this is a process in development & relies heavily on the ongoing recruitment of dependable volunteers.

We have no specific criteria for volunteers in terms of skills, knowledge & abilities other than the following which is not negotiable;

  • Over 18’s only please
    • While we welcome interest & support from our younger followers children cannot be volunteers.
  • Time Commitment
    • It is inevitable that animal rescue work will place demands on people’s time, often unexpectedly & at unsocial & inconvenient times. Due to the unpredictable nature of the work involved please take this into consideration prior to volunteering.
  • Communication
    • All volunteers must be in contact with their coordinator, we are able to work around work & family commitments, sickness & holidays etc but only if we know about them. Effective communication is an essential requirement & up to date contact details are needed.
  • Animal Welfare
    • BWUK is dedicated to preserving & protecting the welfare needs of all animals & expect this of all its volunteers.

Volunteer Positions

County Co-ordinators

We aim to have a Coordinator in post in every county in the UK – where appropriate large counties may be divided into geographical areas if sufficient Coordinators are available

The Coordinator is pivotal in leading & managing the county team.

Coordinators corroborate sightings and reports within their county sharing this information as appropriate, organising local responders within their team to assist where necessary. It is their responsibility to know their team’s strengths & skills. No volunteer should be left unsupported in dealing with unfamiliar situations. Coordinators will be up to date with the latest policies & procedures & any changes affecting our work. They are also responsible for increasing and maintaining membership

within their county, for promoting the organisation and for ensuring fundraising campaigns are established. 

Volunteer Animal Rescue Responders

Our responders work with our County Coordinators to provide a credible response to animal incidents as & when they occur within their local area of cover. They need to be part of a response team contact arrangement & keep their coordinator informed of any changes that may affect this. It is expected that less experienced responders will be supported in their work & that the actions of any volunteer will be consistent with expectations of good practice as outlined in procedures & risk assessments. It is anticipated that various stages of basic training will be provided to ensure a standard level of competency.

Admin and Operational Support

Many volunteers may have skills which are useful to support the Coordinator & the response team while not being an active part of rescue work. Remote support, liaison & communications are equally important as can be administrative skills & local record keeping.

Fundraising Team Members

Our fundraising team members work to raise the much needed funds that are required to ensure the continuation and development of BeastWatch UK. CIC.  They are responsible for working with their coordinator in  developing and promoting successful fundraising campaigns on both a local & national level. Fundraisers can be responders, support or coordinators but the Coordinator retains financial responsibility for any fundraising events including the distribution & monitoring of collection tins locally.

Committee Positions

Often advertised through our Facebook group & page we continue to seek dedicated people to work with us in obtaining our long term goals. These volunteers assist in managing the organisation on a national level.

We are seeking to recruit volunteers from across the UK. If you have an interest in exotic animals and wish to volunteer with us for the benefit the exotic animal welfare and the environment, then please get in touch by completing our online application form.

If you are unable to dedicate your time to volunteering with BeastWatch UK then you can always assist our cause by making a financial donation. We are very grateful for any donations received and no amount is too small! All funds go to ensuing the welfare of escaped exotic animals and the continued development of BeastWatch UK.

If you simply want to follow us on Facebook your support is still valued.

Thank You