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  1. Humane Traps of all sizes from ferret to fox, we tend to recommend the Havahart trap for animals such as raccoon, because we value the safety and comfort of our owners lost pets, a havahart 1092 trap will cost approx £50 each.            Havahart-High-Quality-Galvanized-Pest-Control-Easy-Set-Fox-Rabbit-Cage-Trap-1092Fox Trap, approx £60 each.
  2. Radio Equipment, approx £20 each.
  3. Boat/Dinghy, All up and down the country turtles and terrapins are devistatingour natural fauna, turtles have been released into our British waterways since the start of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” film.  We aim to remove these from the waters and relocate them into specially designed secure ponds located in different parts of the UK.    Approx £1000
  4.  Outboard Engine, approx £1,000  
  5.  Life Jackets, safety is paramount where our members are concerned, these type of life jackets are approx £25 each.   
  6. Night Vision, approx £100 each   
  7. Thermal Imaging, approx £1,600   FLIR-Scout-II-320-Thermal-Imaging-Monocular-550m-detectionRRP-1922-Ex-Display
  8. Catchpoles, approx £75-£85.     
  9. Drones, approx, £1,000 each.   
  10. Thermal Imager for Drone, approx £1,000     FLIR-Duo-R-Radiometric-Dual-Sensor-Thermal-Imager-for-Drones
  11. Microchip Scanners, approx £45 each.   Halo-Microchip-Scanner-Blue