All Stolen

  • STOLEN: Asian Palm Civet

    “Hi. Can you post for me please. Last night I heard some noises in my garden in Glover street. Today we have found that our Asian Palm civet has been stolen. He has bonded with my husband and needs to be returned asap. Who ever has stolen him will not Read more [...]

  • 3 Stolen Tortoises

    These three tortoises have been stolen from an address in Melton. The owner is devastated as they are old and he has had them all his life. There is one large tortoise 11”x8” with a dark brown shell with some light coloured paint on the shell and two smaller tortoises Read more [...]

  • STOLEN: 2 African Grey Parrots.

    A male and Female African Grey Parrot has been stolen from the area DY3. The female has a plucking issue, she has all of her flight feathers and red tail, but her chest is completely bald, she’s also quite vocal. No Microchip. The male cannot fly and has some ragged Read more [...]