1. NAME

The name of the organisation shall be BEASTWATCH UK hereinafter referred to as BWUK

The organisation is the creation of its founder Mr Chris Mullins.


The primary objectives of BWUK shall be:

To provide a credible nationwide response to incidents of escaped or missing exotic animals.

To provide support for owners of missing exotic pets.

To attempt to reunite found animals with their owners.

To investigate reports of ‘mystery’ animal sightings, irrespective of missing animal reports.

To inform and educate all sectors of the general public on the correct care of exotic species of all animal types.

To work in collaboration with statutory bodies & affiliated organisations in the pursuit of these objectives.

For the purpose of meeting the above objectives BWUK shall have the power:

  1. To promote and develop the aforesaid objectives
  2. To work in partnership with statutory agencies and other community or charitable groups
  3. To raise and receive funds through various events.
  4. To charge for services when required to ensure BWUK remains solvent.
  5. To recruit & retain members to fill roles necessary to meet these objectives.
  6. To dismiss & replace members for the needs of the organisation.

BWUK in conduct of all its affairs, prohibits any discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability, social status, medical status, political persuasion, faith, religion or other concepts of belief & non-belief.


Membership is open to all interested parties & BWUK reserves the right to differentiate                                                   between active members, volunteers & followers.

Active members shall refer to those who are active within a regional group, who are fully subscribed & who personally represent BWUK in the meeting of its objectives.

Volunteers will be those who may offer occasional practical assistance (online / telephone / in person) to members & whom may participate in activities which support the objectives outlined. I.e. fundraising.

Followers are those who maintain an online interest in the activities of BWUK & may like & share & disseminate information to the benefit of BWUK.


i)             The Committee will consist of not less than three active members being Chair, Secretary & Treasurer to remain viable.

ii)           The posts will be voluntary & subject to applications of interest or nominations being seconded at AGM.

iii)           Officers of the Committee will meet in person or via private group conversation at least once per month.

               iv)          The Committee will retain overall interest & management in nationwide matters.

                v)          The Committee will be responsible for maintaining communication with regions.

               vi)          It is intended that the AGM will be conducted remotely via group chat or similar until                                   

                       satisfactory arrangements are in place for an attended meeting at a central location.

       vii)        The date for AGM will be 1st May.

       viii)        Should more than one candidate stand for a Committee position then a system of

                       electronic voting shall be utilised which maintains confidentiality & provides impartial

                       vote counting.

        ix)          The committee and organisation will be directed by and answerable to the founder.     


               The Committee shall comprise of:




                       Operations Officer

                        Membership Officer

                       Fundraising Officer

Other positions may be determined by the committee as required to meet BWUK objectives


The Chair will preside over all meetings, the Secretary will present all meetings from prepared agenda items & will produce minutes of each meeting which will be shared to regions.


i)             The Treasurer shall maintain a bank account in the name of BWUK and keep records of the organisation’s income and expenditure.

ii)           The Treasurer shall report the balance in the account to the committee at each meeting.

iii)          The committee shall have two authorised signatories who are not related nor from the same household, these are agreed as being The Chair & President MR C Mullins & The Treasurer Ms K Ashley.  Expenditure shall be discussed as an agenda item.

iv)          The Treasurer is authorised to reimburse travel and other expenses to representatives of BWUK undertaking the organisation’s work as detailed in the objectives provided that each payment is supported by a receipt, ticket or voucher.  Dependent upon BWUK funds.

v)           The Treasurer is required to notify another officer of the committee if he/she is unable to attend a meeting.  The Treasurer’s report shall be passed to the Secretary, who will present the Treasurer’s report at the meeting.

vi)          Contracts may be undertaken on behalf of the organisation by members as appropriate. Any such proposals should be discussed with the operations officer & require ratification by the committee prior to any contract being formed.

vii)         The organisation will operate as a non-profit making organisation with due consideration being given to validate its status as a Community Interest Company.

Viii)        Operational change to the financial or legal status of the organisation will remain the sole responsibility of the committee with an obligation only to inform the membership of such change and organisational developments.

ix)          Officers of the committee are to support the continued growth and development of the organisation & this needs to be reflected in their actions.

        9.  ORGANISATION.

Wherever possible BWUK will establish an active group within any area of the UK, in areas where membership is scarce there may only be a broad regional group or geographical area as a viable option.

In more popular areas for recruitment teams can be reduced to specific cities, towns or areas as appropriate.

All regional teams will have a Regional Coordinator (RC) in post. The RC will assume all necessary line management responsibilities for their team.

The UK will also be divided up into geographical areas (NW/NE/SW/SE/WMids/ EMids/Wales/Scotland/NI) each area will also have an area coordinator which will be an RC from within that area.

Facebook groups will become limited to the nine specific geographical areas, while local teams will have been identified for response to situations.


BWUK will maintain a data base of members information including their location, emergency / preferred contact information, specific skill sets & equipment held & available to be deployed.

Use of the database & all membership information is subject to GDPR and as such is only accessible as required by authorised personnel.

Information pertaining to ex-members is not retained for any reason & each member is responsible for ensuring BWUK hold only relevant and accurate information for them.

Information relating to users of BWUK’s services is also subject to GDPR and is only retained with consent for the purpose of statistical data for production and use by BWUK alone.

GDPR Compliance Privacy Statement.

Members – All personal information is supplied voluntarily for the sole use of BWUK who will not under any circumstances share this information with any other third party. Members who state their availability for participation in search & rescue operations thereby consent to their supplied contact details being used at the discretion of officers of BWUK for this specific purpose & then only with those individuals who would have immediate need of this information ie regional coordinators.

In the case of regional coordinators their contact details may therefore need to be shared with an individual requesting the assistance of BWUK.

Customers – All information supplied to BWUK is done so voluntarily & required for the sole purpose of meeting the contractual needs of the customer I.e. to assist in a search & rescue operation. This information will only be shared with relevant personnel & BWUK officers for the purpose of the contract & will not be shared with a third party nor retained following completion of the contract without explicit consent i.e. for follow up story or interview etc.

General – Unless actively required all information held will be stored securely & not be accessible by any third party nor retained beyond its requirements i.e. for ex-members.

Data – For the purpose of this statement data is restricted solely to name, address & basic contact information.

Terms & Conditions.

BWUK is established as a network of volunteers providing a quick response to an immediate request for assistance in situations related to animals in general & exotic pets specifically. It is not intended that any initial response or assessment of a situation by a BWUK officer or member constitutes a contractual arrangement. Assistance is given voluntarily & is proportionate to the urgency of need.

Where the services of BWUK are required (or can be predicted to be required) beyond the initial response for assistance then it would be necessary for the regional coordinator to review the situation with a senior officer of BWUK committee.

When the only practical assistance by BWUK is likely to incur expenses or require additional resources then this situation will require review by a senior officer of the committee with the prospective client & an agreement reached regarding funding or a donation to cover expenses.

Where there is an obvious need payment in advance may be requested. Other arrangements can be made at the discretion of the senior officer of the committee.

All agreed fees to be due to be paid in full within a thirty-day period following either closure of the case or the withdrawal of BWUK involvement (if sooner)


BWUK upholds the principles of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 & will not entertain the use of any practices which may place an animal’s life or wellbeing at risk.

BWUK will seek to undertake any action to prevent immediate harm to an animal unless this places the welfare of its members at unreasonable risk.

BWUK will not support nor be associated with any practices related to the hunting, culling or euthanasia of any healthy animal.

BWUK members are obliged to report any concerns involving cruelty to animals to their line management who will assess the situation & report it to the relevant authorities.

   12. MEDIA

BWUK will communicate openly with the media (newspapers/radio/TV) by planned interview only with the acknowledgement of the Committee. This will involve media communications with RC’s familiar with the case or a representative of the Committee.

BWUK members should refer all contact with representatives of the media to the Committee and are advised to defer interview wherever possible.

The Committee in liaison with the appropriate RC will be responsible for all official press releases.


BeastWatch UK exists to meet a deficit in provision for the general welfare & protection of animals. Namely the response to reports of missing animals of exotic species requiring specialist knowledge to locate & recapture safely with the intention of returning them to their owners unless this is contraindicated for good reason. BeastWatch UK will endeavour to assist in the location of reported missing exotic animals or attempt to locate the owners in cases of found animals. BeastWatch UK will provide a resource for investigation into sighting reports of animals whether identified or not in order to clarify their status as a missing/escaped pet or otherwise. BeastWatch UK (the organisation and its members) will promote and abide by all relevant legislation in respect of the keeping and care of exotic animals with regards to their status under Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981/Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976/European Union Invasive Alien Species Regulations 2006 (and amendments) /Animal Welfare Act 2006 & 2018 during legitimate pursuit of its objectives & is obliged to report concerns to the relevant authority with ultimate responsibility. BeastWatch UK will act in accordance with statutory guidance & will cooperate with other legitimate agencies in the pursuit of their activities.