Volunteer Application Form

BEFORE APPLYING – Please ensure you are a member in our main Facebook group – this is essential. Click Here to join.

(Full address including postcode)
Responder acts to callouts regarding escapes and animal welfare. Response Support would include animal or people couriers / drone pilots. Ops Support would include fundraising / administration duties
(Dangerous Wild Animals)
(Animals Activities License)
A disability or any condition permanent or temporary (ie pregnancy) that may affect your ability to perform certain tasks
Please refer to our volunteer disclaimer
In making this application I am agreeing to remain a member of the public Facebook group & respond to posts where I am tagged.

I agree to reading and keeping up-to-date with the policies contained within the files section of the Facebook group.

I agree to my details being shared with my Coordinator & for them to maintain reasonable contact with me relevant to my role as a volunteer. This will usually involve becoming included in a WhatsApp (or equivalent) contact group & being contactable for animal emergencies that arise. It is fully recognised that volunteer responders have lives too & may not be able to respond on each occasion but you should be contactable at times known to your coordinator ie around shift work or other commitments, holidays, sickness etc.

I agree to being contacted by other managers in respect of my training & development within the organisation & will inform my coordinator of any change of address or contact information as required.