The very mention of the word “RAT” will often strike fear and disgust in the minds of many people today, I myself was bought up to believe such a phenomena myself, but listening to others and reading about them has completely changed my view on these creatures that have been forced to live in the underworld,

I now know differently I respect the Rat not only for its intelligence but also its ability to adapt and survive almost every situation it’s faced with, but most of all its ability to come through the other end even though it’s treated as the underdog of the animal kingdom and scoured upon by so many still today.

The rat is considered to be good luck in China & Japan and the Romans believed that to see a White Rat was a symbol of good fortune.

However, we’re going off the point here, the reason I’ve created this page is to give good practical and sensible advice on not only how to remove a rat from let’s say your premises, but also how to do it humanely.

If you have a Rat in your home, my first piece of advice is to look around and see if there is any food lying around openly inviting their intrusion,

Food Source & Trapping

There was once a Rat in our house, and we had children, so it caused considerable concern to me as a farther and protector of my kin. I looked around and couldn’t find any reason like food laying about to invite this in, but eventually uncovered that my children were taking their lunch boxes upstairs and dumping their sandwiches under their beds out of sight from their choir giving parents.

So the first thing to do is to clear away any temptations, food supplies, tidy any hiding places, including the loft and out houses etc, then with most invading rodents, not all baits for live traps work, so it’s best to see if you can what they’ve been feeding on whilst in your home, and use this first as a bait.

There are many reasonably priced humane traps out there today, which can be used over and over again.


Never release an invasive species to close to where you caught it, or it will only return, always take it away from the catch site before release.

There are some species that if caught can only be released if you have a special licence to do so, where these creatures are concerned, you’re required by law to dispose of them effectively, however, some creatures manage to escape their holdings before their disposal takes place.


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