Big Cats

What to do;
Ok, so let's say you encounter a Big Cat .... Now what? ....

Big Cats although powerful enough to do serious or fatal harm to a human being, like all other wild animals would rather avoid a confrontation than attack, however, there are certain circumstances that an attack may be provoked though, such as;

a.. Suprise
b.. Guarding it's Kill
c.. Being Cornered
d.. Protecting their Young


If you do end up in a close encounter with a big cat, the first rule, as hard as it may be is not to panic ... to run off screaming will only send the cat into it's hunting instinct, so try to remain calm, back away slowly, I would suggest sideward's if possible, so you can keep an eye on the animal, and your pathway ahead, be sure footed, don't trip over, if you did, you would be compromising your size to the animal, whatever you do don't run, as you cannot out run a big cat, and they would be more likely to chase after you if you did.

If you can pick up a stick without compromising your size, do so, but only use it as a last resort in self defense, do not attempt to attack with it, chances are, you'll come off worse. if you're in a group, then close together, if alone, open your coat, jacket, shirt even, the idea of this is to make yourself as large as you possibly can.

If you've walked into a situation, where you've accidently cornered the cat, slowly make way for its escape, if you stumble upon on whilst its feeding, again back away slowly, don't make eye contact, as this may be deemed as a threat, if you see some young cubs, don't pick them up, no matter how cute they may look, the mother won't be far away, and the cute crying sound made by the cubs, will be an alert to the mother .... she won't be as cute.


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