Our well known Red Fox, (Vulpus vulpus) other names include; Raynard etc, since being driven out of its Natural Countryside Environment, (of which it was quite happily surviving) by our ever growing demand for property, it has become somewhat of a pest by name in the Urban, Suburbs and Streets of many Towns and Cities throughout the United Kingdom.

The Fox is actually the symbol of my hometown or should I say home Borough, the "Borough of Charnwood"

This is beginning to sound like the UK's Deadly 60, so why is the Red Fox a threat to our urbanised community today? Well it's been a pest in Farming Communities for numbers of years, but now they're moving into our own environment, we (The Townies) are just beginning to see just how badly it can affect us but despite all said, and all the crimes the Red Fox has committed, it's still a part and always will be a part of our lives, so it's up to us as the "Intelligent Species" to learn how to live happily side by side with our Foxes today, especially since it's our fault to begin with that they're here now, by destroying their natural environment. So to call for a Cull would only be an unjust and cruel act on our part.

However, these urbanised Vulpine's (Foxes) are undoubtedly becoming more and more bolder as their evolutionary change takes place, attacking Pets and even Children asleep in their beds, whilst writing this, I took a short evenings walk with my Dog Zak to give him a little exercise, and whilst out I stopped in amazement to see 3 Foxes sat just over the road from us, watching us walk by, and to my right came yet another Fox which moved into the undergrowth as we approached, so what can we do if we're to allow this Vulpine (Fox) to live alongside us?

We can work towards giving some of them their Green Belts back, by developing our own housing in areas where buildings are of no use anymore, rather than taking up even more barren land from them.

Maybe create special designated feeding stations for our fellow Foxes somehow, away from Urbanised Areas, these may be useful in more ways than one, as with Foxes being used to taking food from certain spots, any lame or injured animals, could be trapped easier and treated. However, care should be taken not to allow hunters.

As for the Fox entering our homes, now we're more aware of this happening, we should take precautionary measures against it, by;

Closing our doors and windows, or perhaps having the type of Meash Doors they have in America, so with our doors open, we can still enjoy a good summers breeze

We could also carry some form of Alarm System with us whilst out walking our Pets or even Children, as these can also be useful in many other circumstances too, as there's also 2 Legged Animals on the Prowl, with just as evil intent, at least our Humble Fox is only trying to Survive and Protect its Territory

I spoke to a gentleman just the other day who keeps chikens in his back yard that backs onto fields and I asked him how he copes where Foxes are concerned, he told me he uses an electronic ultrasonic device which works with cats too, he swares by these.

Last but not least, Keep our Streets Tidier, DON'T Litter your pavements with unwanted food items, and dispose of Litter in the appropriate manner, in a Bin.


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