Seagulls? you say ....

Yes although not on our exotic's list, I feel even our humble British seabird deserves a mention here. as they have been posing a threat for sometime now to visitors and locals of many seaside resorts.

The Seagull has become a scavenger, due to people littering the streets with unwanted food items and these birds have recognized an easy meal when they sees one, but if people would keep our streets a little cleaner and tidier, there'd be no problem here, but sadly now they know where the food is and where it comes from, they're even swooping down and taking food from our hands, even our mouths.

Reports come in every summer, as tourists pave the streets with chip in paper, pies and sandwiches, but again it's us the blame lies on, we can't blame these seabirds for opting out for an easy meal, as we do everyday, when we buy meat ready prepared even cooked and sliced for us, so it's easy to see how these gulls get the idea.

As well as stealing food, they're also prone to attack during their nesting season, many victims have come away with serious head injuries because they got to close to a chick that had fallen out of its nest, so the parents feeling that we pose a threat, attack, pecking hard at the head of unsuspected victims.


What to do ...

So, what do we do in circumstances like these?

  • If it's nesting season, steer clear of any Gull Chicks you may see
  • If Gulls are present, try not to eat outdoors
  • If worried about a possible attack, carry an Umbrella or Parasol to wardthem off
  • But most importantly, don't litter the streets with discarded food, dispose of these in the proper manner

Remember prevention is better than cure.


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