Wild Boar

Wild Boar can be extremely aggressive towards invaders of their territory during their mating season which is in autumn and also when rearing their young in the springtime. So if you suspect there are Wild Boar in your Area, you would be well advised NOT to venture into those Areas during these times.

The rest of the time it's usually quite safe to venture into most areas, with the exception of common sense, as quarries and waterways hold their very own dangers, however I personally have concerns about a Wild Boars wallow,, these are a wet area that boars tend to wallow in to cool themselves down in the summer's heat, and these can be quite deep in places, as Derick here demonstrates with his 5ft walking staff

Note; how the Staff almost disappears into the depths of this Wallow.


With a little common sense though and respect for these wild creatures, there's no reason for panic, as Deer can be just as aggressive during their rutting season and when protecting their young.

If you think you may have Wild Boar in your area but not quite sure and it's not recorded in our pages, then we'd love to hear from you.


What to Do ...

Do Not Venture into an Area where you know there are Wild Boar, during the Autumn and Springtime Months, unless with a Proper Guide that knows all the dangers and what to look out for. as I've repeated so many times in the past, most Wild Creatures will leave you alone, as long as you leave them alone and respect their space and nature.


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