A Little About the Founder

Hi my name's Chris Mullins, my occupation was previously a carpenter, I live in Loughborough of Leicestershire and have done so all my life, I'm now divorced after 25 years of marriage, but been blessed with a son and 6 daughters of whom I love very much indeed, I recently had a battle with cancer and won, thanks to my loving family and those wonderful doctors and nurses at the Leicester General Hospital, "Ward 23" "Thanks Guys."

Again I feel the need to stress here that I'm not, and probably never will be, an expert in the fields of Zoology and/or Crypto-zoology, it's nothing more than an interest, but I'm learning .... and doing something I feel worthwhile.

I've followed the movements of the UK big cats, since about 1998, and due to being in the right place at the right time I've had three sightings so far of large black felines, all of which I thank you the general public for the privilege. I've also had a single encounter with a small brown bear-like creature one evening whilst driving home from taking the kids to the coast for the day. My interests include: Country-walking, Cryptozoology, Wildlife Video Photography and All Phenomena. This may be the reason for my own personal interest in exotic wildlife and how it got to be there in the first place, as If an apple were to grow on a pear tree, I'd want to know why and how it got there.

As a child I was always intrigued by the tales of rats being encountered the size of cats, (the domestic variety of course) and wondered if some of these reports were just Coypu escaped from zoo's or private collections ... or did rats actually grow to that size?... Hmmm .. look out cats!

I'd like to add here that since beginning BeastWatch (UK) back in 2001, I've felt honored and privileged to have met, shook hands with and spoken with such a variety of interesting people, as well as received brief mentions in relative books such as; "Leicestershire & Rutland - Tales of Mystery & Murder" Written By; our well known Leicestershire Storyteller - David Bell,  Also "Three Men Seeking Monsters" and "There's Something in the Woods" Written By; International bestselling Cryptozoological Author; Nick Redfern, as well as being interviewed by the Local, National and International Media. through Newspapers and Radio. So from a very nervous young boy, I've developed into a rather nervous young man, lol.


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