Hi, BeastWatch UK is only a very small Non-Profit Making Organisation, we’re always looking to Further our Effect on the Environment, Research New Reports, arrange Field Trips and Expeditions, but sadly nothing comes cheap in this day and age, up to now everything we’ve ever done and everything put towards further research has come from my own pocket, but there’s so much to try and do too that one person simply can’t afford.

We’re hoping to get an electric outboard motor for our little dinghy we now have, as well as a Lowrance HDS Fish finder and Structure Scan with accessories so we can investigate some of the report tied to waterways such as Snapping Turtles and Crocodilians etc.

We also need to purchase Camera Traps to place in certain areas we know is Active by some Exotic or Another, and we need different sorts of Night Vision Equipment to Film etc .... the list is endless.

But more than anything, when I eventually mange to purchase my own transport, which will be a Campervan to stay out on site in various locations, I know I’ll be struggling to keep it on the road when it comes to fuel and upkeep.

So every penny you decide to give, will help in a very big way, so please be as generous as you possibly can.


Thank you


Mr. C. Mullins


BeastWatch UK


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